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How to Help Those Who Lose Loved Ones to Violence

Homicides have become all too common in our world. How can you comfort those who are left to grieve a sudden loss from an act of violence? Here are seven important ways to give support.
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Making the Bible Work for You

Here are four important keys to Spirit-led personal study of the Bible.

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When You Die, What's Next?

What happened to Todd Beamer and his fellow passengers on hijacked United Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania? Where are they-and the other dead from that fateful day--now?

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What Happens When the World Ends?

Because of the events of 9-11-1, many people have questions about the end of the world. This tract contains important Bible answers about what the future holds.

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Who Is the Real Messiah?

God predicted that false messiahs will come and claim His mantle of leadership and authority. How do we determine who the real Messiah is?

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Message Tracts, Sharing Pak (5 of each tract)

These pocket-sized tracts are a great way to share Bible beliefs with people you meet. Each tract is condensed from an article which originally appeared in Message magazine. 5 copies of each tract included.

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Steps to Christ - African American Cover

Ellen G. White
Discover the steps to finding a forever friendship with Jesus. Jesus is the Friend of all, and this friendship Edition validates that message visually as well as in the words of this inspirational best seller. Available in English and Spanish.
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God's Answers to Your Questions

Selections from Bible Readings for the Home. Questions about Bible topics are all answered with Scripture texts.

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Secret Keys

This multicultural storybook will instill positive values and success principles in children. From the lives of well-known people, Bible characters, and children like them, readers ages 7-10 will discover the secret keys to successful, happy living.

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  Bible Studies:

    - The Bible

    - The Origin of Sin

    - Salvation

    - Heaven

    - Faith

    - Prayer

    - Oil of the Spirit

    - Baptism

    - Destination of Evil

    - The Christian Life

    - Death

    - Happy Happy Home

    - The Law and Grace

    - Jesus

    - The Sabbath

    - Change of Sabbath

    - The Seal of God

    - The Second Coming

    - The True Church

    - Not Enough Room

    - God's Health Plan

Everyday Bible Studies:

    - Speaking in Tongues

    - Forgiveness

    - Morality or Immorality

    - Entertainment

    - Christian Dress

    - Victory Over Sin

    - His Righteousness

    - Guaranteed Security