As Christians, it is easy to get wrapped up in the everyday task of living. There are so many mundane things to do that we sometimes forget why we are here.

In the greatest mission trip ever made, Jesus left heaven and came to earth to fulfill the plan of salvation for a world lost in sin. His stay was brief, but his influence was powerful.

Prior to His return to heaven, He commissioned all who would come after Him here on earth to follow His example. "Go," he said, "and teach all nations. . . teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."

Today, the task has not yet been completed. It forms the core reason of existence for Touch of Faith Ministry, and it is why we have stepped out in faith, accepting the challenge to "teach all nations."

Through the use of the internet: video streaming, audio streaming, email devotions, ebible studies, ebooks and by conventional methods: preaching, seminars, personal bible studies, books and videotapes, we are making an effort to comply with our Lord's command.

Won't you join us today in partnership and be a part of the greatest commission every given, by the greatest person who has ever lived.


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  Bible Studies:

    - The Bible

    - The Origin of Sin

    - Salvation

    - Heaven

    - Faith

    - Prayer

    - Oil of the Spirit

    - Baptism

    - Destination of Evil

    - The Christian Life

    - Death

    - Happy Happy Home

    - The Law and Grace

    - Jesus

    - The Sabbath

    - Change of Sabbath

    - The Seal of God

    - The Second Coming

    - The True Church

    - Not Enough Room

    - God's Health Plan

Everyday Bible Studies:

    - Speaking in Tongues

    - Forgiveness

    - Morality or Immorality

    - Entertainment

    - Christian Dress

    - Victory Over Sin

    - His Righteousness

    - Guaranteed Security